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ZeroOne is the editor for programmers who think in binary.

Only two buttons are needed for input - Zero and One. So the editor is called ZeroOne, or 'zo' for short.

If it helps, you can think of one and zero as the left and right buttons on a pinball machine.


If you enter 'esc' (by typing 0011011) you enter 'Command mode'.

In command mode there are three commands - 'o' (open), 's' (save) and 'q' (quit).

For example, in command mode if you enter 'oc:\fred.txt' the first letter is the 'o' command and the remainder is the file path and name. So a file 'fred.txt' would be opened from 'c:\'.

To save a file you need to specify the filename. E.g. 'sc:\fred.txt'. Again, the first letter ('s') is the command.

To execute your command, enter a line feed character (0001010).

To exit command mode, enter 'esc' again (0011011).

If you press any key other than Zero or One, your document is wiped:


Read about it at

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